Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Praying for everyone's safety

Our country, Philippines, is again facing a hard time right now. Manila and other parts of the country was already submerged by deep floods. Many roads are not passable and a lot of families are already relocated. 

(photo grabbed from Facebook)

Networking sites, TV stations and Government Units are all reaching out to every possible ways we can do in helping our kababayans. Let us all do our share, even in the simplest way we can like saying a prayer can mean a lot.
God is watching us and will never leave us, He will surely hear our prayers.

Stay safe and dry!


Instagram #02: Photo Diary

Sharing to you guys my random shots documented on IG.

I've already blogged my Instagram photos here (#01), in case you missed it.
me and my prescriptive glasses (my eyes have 200 grade both eyes)
trying on my new VS Red Lippy
me, my hoodie and my digiperm :DD
we have a new puppy, so kyutt!!
random pig out with officemates
(Right-Left: Clockwise) at Banapple, Mesa Greenbelt, Qoola and Recipes
last June 4 my super bait na boss celebrated his Birthday
I blogged his Birthday last year here
We had a re-shuffle of work delegation and here's my previous
working station. Taken during my turn-over.
if weather permit us, my officemates and I jog around Ayala Triangle
after office hours
@ ayala triangle
lovin' TANGO application
Free video call
Here's me at the office and Daniel in Singapore doing TANGO
bongga free international call na with matching video pa. Winner!!!
sneak peek of my work station, hi there hon! :)

I have a lot of photos to share but of course I can't upload it all here
in case you're on IG too, just feel free to follow me

Take care guys, rain hasn't stopped yet.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tree Planting 2012

As part of our Company's Corporate Socio-Responsibility, we again had our tree planting. This is our fourth year already and I'm proud to say that I'm a yearly participant of this activity. Why? Because I love the idea of doing even my small part in helping our environment. Our venue this year was at Tanay Rizal. 

So, here's what happened
Breathtaking view
We had some sort of a mountain climbing as we went on our planting site

spot me! :)
Us, on our way up to our site

DENR Representative and our Company's President Capt. Yanagita 
Oha, serious ako...
I just failed to count how many trees I've planted...
Japanese bosses :)
beautiful view from the top
nakaka wala ng pagod ang view..
My boss- Mr. Sano, ang tangkad lang haha :) :)

This was tiring but fun and worth-while experience.
Till next year! :)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 Idiots

Sharing to you guys my recently discovered Indian comedy film.

This was released year 2009 but I just watched it few days ago, hello hindi naman ako taga India kaya forgivable na 3 years delayed bago ko napanood. (May justification pa) haha.. And since as far as I know I don't have any Indian reader here, you probably haven't watch this too.

I guarentee, 100% that you will also love this movie.
I love the twist and turns of events, 
lesson of the story (friendship, study, career, ambition, lovelife, family)
all aspect of life was touched 
the comedy acts and dance steps na din, haha :))

So, here's the link of the movie
 enjoy! :)
(Credit: youtube)

As Rancho always say:
Aal Izz Well!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Instagram #01: Sweets for my sweets

Since I've switched from BB to Iphone, I start getting addicted to Instagram.

So. I'm sharing to you my Instagram photos dedicated for my love for sweets and desserts. :)

Banana Split from Aristocrat

cakes :)
Sansrival from Bob's
my favorite Sophie's Mom cupcake

I love Starbucks!!!!!
Choco Belgian Waffle
Oreo Cheesecake
Green tea Cheesecake
Purple Yam Cake

do you have sweet tooth like mine?
follow me on Instagram: @daraasinas

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sharing to you my new look :)
Hashtag nakiki-digiperm hype!

before, I used to rebond my hair
maiba lang kaya I tried digi perm naman..

so far, I'm lovin' it
at first, I didn't have bangs but many concern citizen (concern citizen talaga) lol.
said na it would be much havey if I will have bangs, hehe =)

so I did.. side bangs nga lang.
It turned out to look like this:
I also had my hair layered

The major catch is that I just had these curls on a low price compared to high-end salons.
Salon lang dyan sa tabi-tabi.. haha =))
This was really a major risk but I'm happy it turned out well naman.

Watchathink about my hair?
Havey o Waley? :)

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