Thursday, July 12, 2012

Instagram #01: Sweets for my sweets

Since I've switched from BB to Iphone, I start getting addicted to Instagram.

So. I'm sharing to you my Instagram photos dedicated for my love for sweets and desserts. :)

Banana Split from Aristocrat

cakes :)
Sansrival from Bob's
my favorite Sophie's Mom cupcake

I love Starbucks!!!!!
Choco Belgian Waffle
Oreo Cheesecake
Green tea Cheesecake
Purple Yam Cake

do you have sweet tooth like mine?
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  1. Starbucks' Belgian Waffle is LOVE! :) Also their cookies, ang sarap. ♥ All time favorite ko talaga yung Banana Split. >__<

    I haven't tried that Kitkat Strawberry. For sure, masarap din yan. :D

    1. yeap dear, I'm a sucker for sweets and desserts :) I love everything posted above esp starbucks :) <3

  2. wow!!! i love instagram too! you made me crave for all those sweets ;)

  3. Ang sasarap naman. Dapat kalimutan ang diet pag ganyan kasasarap kakainin. hehe!


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