Friday, August 12, 2011

PERKS: Tinypinkbow Coupon Banner

Hi there Sunshine!

Today, I will be sharing a good news this is quite a continuation of my last post. And as the title suggest, yesterday I received an email from Ms. Kat informing me that she will be giving me a Coupon Banner from tinypinkbow. That's so sweet!! 

Here's the Coupon Banner
 This Coupon Code gives my readers a 10% discount.

This is how it work, once you fill up the order form just indicate the coupon code (IAMCERTIFIED) on the lower part of the page, you will then automatically get 10% off from the total which will be sent out with the invoice. :) But to avail this, I want to impart that only those who are following me publicly on GFC is entitled for the discount. New readers and followers are always welcome. :) Please don't cheat for I don't want to burden Miss Kat in checking whether you are really following me to be able to get the discount. Honesty is the best policy as they say! :)

So, what are yah waiting for?? Go and check out their site here.

Thanks again Miss Kat for being so generous.

Happy Shopping Loves! ♥
Hugs & Kisses
D A R A      


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