Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sharing to you my new look :)
Hashtag nakiki-digiperm hype!

before, I used to rebond my hair
maiba lang kaya I tried digi perm naman..

so far, I'm lovin' it
at first, I didn't have bangs but many concern citizen (concern citizen talaga) lol.
said na it would be much havey if I will have bangs, hehe =)

so I did.. side bangs nga lang.
It turned out to look like this:
I also had my hair layered

The major catch is that I just had these curls on a low price compared to high-end salons.
Salon lang dyan sa tabi-tabi.. haha =))
This was really a major risk but I'm happy it turned out well naman.

Watchathink about my hair?
Havey o Waley? :)



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