Monday, June 13, 2011

Secosana Bag

Today I will show you my recent purchase. Well, obviously as the title suggest it is a Secosana bag, bag'S actually since I bought two, but one is for me and the other one is for my Nanay.

Here's what I got..
I picked the blue one, and the black bag is for my Nanay
They're on SALE that's why we got it on a much lesser price.
My bag cost me from Php 799.75 original price to Php 490.00 and
My Nanay's bag cost Php 999.75 to Php 699.75 :)
here's for a closer look
have you noticed that teddy? So kyyooottt!!
It reminds me of Mr.Bean's Teddy Bear, oh well blue version of teddy :)
you can use it as a hand bag, shoulder bag or sling bag
2 pockets inside (front side)
and another 2 pockets inside (back side) with zipper
one pocket at the back 

Now, for my Nanay's picked
This is smaller compared to what I chose.
Very nice customized Secosana zipper
front and back pocket
same with my bag, there's also pockets inside both in front & back side

There you have it.
I'm so happy with my new bag, and so as my Momma! :) 
Hugs & Kisses,

D A R A           


  1. I love the other one which you can use it as a sling bag...great deal and fashionable:)

  2. @sunnytoast: I agree with you! Great deal indeed :)

  3. I like the blue bag! And teddy reminded me of Mr. Bean! :P

  4. Thanks Pammy, it really looks like Mr.Bean's Teddy :)

  5. agree with pammy, mr bean! kyot!!!


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