Monday, August 29, 2011

Cars 2

Hi Loves! How's your looonngg weekend going?

As for me, my morning was spent doing my homework, as in literal na WORK sa HOME. Since we don't have office today until tomorrow I have no choice but to bring some of my work at home or else matatabunan na ko sa dami ng work na nakaabang sa akin. Anyhooo enough of my ranting, my day ended well naman and I enjoy my afternoon din.

Around 2PM my family and I went to SM for two different agendas. My parents will do a little shopping while us (Me, Kuya Clint & My Nephew Mau) watched Cars 2, hence the title. We just accompanied Mau since he's really waiting for this movie for so long kaya go na din kami ni Kuya. In fairness nag enjoy din naman ako especially we watched on 3d so may added effect naman while watching. So, here's our pictures for today..
My Brother and his Son
(Kuya Clint and Mau)
Mau and Me
Panganay at Bunso

after the movie
The Mag Ama extended their bonding here
My Kuya's favorite shirt
My Kuya is such a fan

I love Family Days!! <3

I hope everyone's having a blast with this long weekend :)

Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A      

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This post was over due since it happened a week ago.

Last Wednesday (August 17) was our Company's Sports fest.
Bowling Tournament at MOA Bowling Center

 Our game started around 2 PM
Group Picture
... find me! :)
Me and Len (Yellow 4 & Pink 5) =)

As the game started..
eto na ang eksena:
We had Group Competition and Individuals (Female & Male Division)
Each group is composed of 5 members and we had 17 groups that day.
Every one is eager to win since there's a Cash Prize at stake
Group Winners:
1st- Php 10,000
2nd- Php 7,500
3rd- Php 5,000

Individuals: (Male)
1st- Php 2,500 plus Trophy
2nd- Php 2,000 plus Trophy
1st- Php 1,500 plus Trophy

Individuals: (Female)
1st- Php 2,500 plus Trophy
2nd- Php 2,000 plus Trophy
1st- Php 1,500 plus Trophy
Unfortunately I'm such a loser that day.
I didn't won and my team either but nevertheless we all had fun.

After the game picture picture muna..
Then we headed to Yakimix for Dinner and Awarding Ceremony of the winners
Binawi ko na lang sa pagkain since hindi ako nanalo. haha :))
Officemates :)

(All photos are captured from our Company's DSLR)
Looking forward next year's Sports fest, babawi ako! lol.

Happy Thursday Sunshine!
Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A         

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just because it's my Birthday

Howdy Loves!

I'll share to you my recently owned stuff just in time for my Birthday
I am more fascinated with flats rather than those of high heels..
Mahilig kasi akong maglakad-lakad at mas convenient ang flats sa mga lakwatserang gaya ko :)
Butterfly Accent.. So gay!! :)
Did I just said I love flats? hihi Ü
Purple Espadrilles from Parisian
Moving on.. I also got this
"Strawberries and Champagne"
Super Sweet Scent.. hhhmmmm...

Also, Kit gave me these Miss Beauty Crack Nail Polish as a gift
Thanks Kit!! 
Kit by the way is the Girlfriend ng Brother ni Boyfriend
(gets nyo ba yung connection? basta, yun na yun)
Red- I'll try this first
I can't wait to try this 3 lovely colors on my nails. Watch out for my next NOTD.

Just random pics to end this
My Japanese Boss gave me this as a pasalubong from his business trip at Japan
Dars is one of my many nicknames (Dars, Darz, Darskie, Da, Dar)
Bored me! We're on our way to PRC to re-new my license. 
Picture muna dahil sobrang traffic...

Until now, I still got a lot of Birthday greetings.
I really feel so loved.  ♥♥♥

To my readers, thanks also for your warm birthday greetings!

Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A      

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Yesterday (Aug 21) I celebrated my 27th year of existence..
With my Family
We had lunch here, this Resto is located at HK Plaza along Macapagal Road
Nagsawa na kasi kami every labas namin sa Tagaytay ang destination namin kaya para maiba dito naman kami napadpad. 
This is our first time here at mukhang mauulit pa...
My Nanay loved it here :)
Kuya Clint and My nephew Mau
Mau is only 10 y/o pero malapit na nya kong matangkadan.. waaahhh!!
Me @ 27!
after lunch we headed to MOA
stroll lang ng konti and then we landed here...
for desserts.. yum!! :)
Their presence made my day extra SPECIAL
I'll end this post with my photos
(pagbigyan nyo na birthday eh) :)
That's it.. Simpleng celebration lang but I'm very happy & thankful for the wonderful 27 years :)
Looking forward for a more BLESSED year ahead. Cheers!! <3
Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A    

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