Saturday, June 25, 2011

34 years!

Today marks the 34th Wedding Anniversary of my favorite LOVE TEAM of all time


I'm so frustrated that I wasn't able to join them in celebrating this special day. Since our area here in Makati is still flooded, I decided not to go home to Dasma Cavite, typhoon Falcon is the one to blame. Hopefully later this afternoon the weather will allow me to go home. My Nanay called a while ago and according to her they're having lunch at Balinsasayaw, I'm so inggit!! :(

Anyhooo, I'll share to you some pictures of the LOVE BIRDS ♥
@ Tagaytay during my Nanay's 58th Bday last April
 My Parents remains to be sweet with each other after all this years
during our Company's Christmas Party last December at Shangri-la Makati
FYI: I'm the baby of the family, PROUD BUNSO here! :)
you bet, I'M A DADDY'S GIRL!!
I love them ever since FOREVER!!

They are such an inspiration to me, I am very lucky to have them as my Parents even though we are not materially wealthy, we are rich in love and that's what important. I'll keep on praying to God to bless my Parents a long and happy life.

Happy Weekends! :)
Hugs & Kisses,
                                                       D A R A

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday since the weather is not so cooperative, we just had dinner in celebration of Father's Day.

Pardon me for the pics, I only use my Nanay's phone here.
Nanay, Tatay and Me
My brother, Kuya Clint playing with his son
My Nephew, Mau

We ate at David's Tea House
Nido Soup
These are just some of the foods we ate, I wasn't able to took photos of all the food we ordered since I was too busy eating the moment they started coming. haha ;))

As I end this I'll share to you my Facebook wall post, just like what I did last Mother's Day:

Even though I already found my Prince,

"YOU will always be the KING!" :)

Happy Father's Tatay! I love you and may the Lord bless and guide you always.

To all Daddy's out there, Happy Father's Day!!!

Tatay & Me during my Oath Taking
 Happy Monday Lovelies :)

Hugs & Kisses,
                                                           D A R A        

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All about NAIL ART

Hello there Sunshine!

Look what I've got yesterday
My Nail Art tool :)
Well, for the benefit of those who didn't know, I'm starting to go gaga over nail art that's why I bought this.
This is also my first ever purchase online.

It consist of 4 brush and one dotting tool. (Php 180.00)
Honestly, I still don't know how to use this brushes but I'm excited to try and explore them.
I also ordered a 2-way Nail Art Pen- Php 70.00

So, of course last night I was excited to try them.
I'm not really happy with my latest design but I'll still share it to you, for documentation purposes, haha :)
 I planned to do a Watermelon Nail art design, but I think I failed.
Anyhooo, please don't judge me :)
I tried putting color white thin line in between red and green but I screwed up.. another boooo for me!
The dotting tool is the only one I successfully used with this design, the rest, I guess I will need more practice. More More More!!
Anyway, I'll try again next time.
For now, I'll just stick with this :)

Hugs & Kisses,
                                               D A R A

Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Last Saturday (June 11), I witnessed two Love birds tied the knot and say I DO to each other. The groom happened to be a high school friend of mine, we went to different Universities in college though but took the same course and finished the same degree. Her Bride on the other hand became also my friend along the way. The ceremony was held at Fernbrook Garden. Oh boy, the lovely ambiance of the place added much effect on how romantic the wedding has been. And of course I'll share to you photos of this event. Let me just warned you that this will be a heavy picture post, brace yourself.
Fernbrook Garden
 I was like, WOW!! I just seen this on fairy tale movies :)
walking on a red carpet, feels like a celebrity huh ;)
 My new friends, hahaha.. 
I want to take home that poodle!! :))
Feels like you're on a royal wedding or a fairy tale wedding.

For the ceremony part
 It was a Christian Wedding.
Groom & Bride's Vows are very sweet. It did melt my heart <3
At the reception, also at Fernbrook
Sumptuous food from Center Table catering Services
Flower arrangement
The Wedding Cake
my friend, Allan's plate
Veggie Salad
Desserts, yum!!
My high school friends
We're so grown up's na! 
We just realized it has been 10 yrs since we graduated from High School :)

For the finale:
The Groom, Leo and his Bride, Lyka!
Congrats again to Mr and Mrs Leo Cruz!
Best Wishes and may our good Lord bless your marriage.

I got so kilig seeing lovely couples ended up with each other arms. God's willing, me and Daniel wanted to have our wedding at Fernbrook also. :) 

Last na talaga 'to.. I just can't help sharing this. Magugulo pa din kami parang mga High school pa rin. Glad to know that they're still good things that last. 

Us with the groom
mawawala ba naman ang wacky shot? :)
(all photos courtesy of my dear friend Marco)

If you got hooked at Fernbrook like me, you can visit their site here.

Happy Monday everyone!!
Let's spread the L-O-V-E fever!!<3
Hugs & Kisses,
                                                          D A R A      

Secosana Bag

Today I will show you my recent purchase. Well, obviously as the title suggest it is a Secosana bag, bag'S actually since I bought two, but one is for me and the other one is for my Nanay.

Here's what I got..
I picked the blue one, and the black bag is for my Nanay
They're on SALE that's why we got it on a much lesser price.
My bag cost me from Php 799.75 original price to Php 490.00 and
My Nanay's bag cost Php 999.75 to Php 699.75 :)
here's for a closer look
have you noticed that teddy? So kyyooottt!!
It reminds me of Mr.Bean's Teddy Bear, oh well blue version of teddy :)
you can use it as a hand bag, shoulder bag or sling bag
2 pockets inside (front side)
and another 2 pockets inside (back side) with zipper
one pocket at the back 

Now, for my Nanay's picked
This is smaller compared to what I chose.
Very nice customized Secosana zipper
front and back pocket
same with my bag, there's also pockets inside both in front & back side

There you have it.
I'm so happy with my new bag, and so as my Momma! :) 
Hugs & Kisses,

D A R A           
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