Sunday, April 17, 2011

happy birthday HONEY!

Oh well, I'd been too busy this past few days that I haven't got the chance to visit my dearest blog. But I promise to post here all the events that I'd been through. To start, I want to make this entry special because this is dedicated for my bf since he just celebrated his birthday last Friday(April 15). He's now 28. =)

We had no choice but to celebrate his day 3days in advance since he was scheduled to leave last April 13  to go on board (FYI: He is a Seaman). Tuesday morning (April 12) he received a call from his agency confirming his flight the next day. Since I have work that time, I had only few hours left to prepare something for him. So this is what I gave him, very simple gifts yet I'm sure all my efforts are well appreciated.

First, a Mocha dedication cake from Red Ribbon. I admit I'm not really a fan of mocha cake, but I want my personal message to be put in it , so I ended up having this one. I'm planning to buy a chocolate cake but it's not available that time. So here it is.. His birthday cake with my love note :)

Actually the staff who made that lettering in the cake is kinda hesitant at first if my message will fit in to the space available 'cause it's too long (compared to usual bday cake messages).. but I insisted, and the result.. He made it.. So, we both succeed! Stubborn me.. hehehe :)

Aside from that I gave him a Starbucks Tumbler that is personalized..

a collection of our photos.. very nice, isn't it? :)
and a NIKE Shirt :)

That's it. My Honey's advance birthday bash. Simple yet always worth remembering.
I Love You Daniel <3

Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A            


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