Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Japan Diaries: Day 4

My last installment blog post for this trip.

Basically, our 4th day was spent just walking around our hotel. We planned sana to buy mga pang pasalubong but we didn't found any appropriate store for it nearby our hotel. Sad. =((
That's why mostly our pasalubongs are chocolates bought at the airport na.

Anyhooo, here's some photos we took as we killed time and wait for our flight going back to manila
brekky @ Subway
and oh, the best thing in this travel, I experienced SNOW!! 
My first time ever! :) Happy me =D
This is only my fourth out of the country trip (Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan)
but in every country I went to, I make it a point to visit Starbucks :)
during this pic, snow is starting to fall parang ambon pa lang
tuwang-tuwa na ko kasi God answered my request I am losing hope na since our 3 day stay wala talagang snow, but on our last day pinagbigyan pa din ako. yeeyyy!!!
Sayang kasi hindi na-captured on photo ang snow mahina pa kasi sya nung mga oras na'to :)
nung lumakas ang snow, just in time for our checked out..
hindi ko na-captured since bitbit ko na bagahe ko non.. hehehe..
but it made this trip much more memorable. 
 @ Fukuoka International Airport
Bye bye Japan, Hello Pinas! :)

Another wonderful trip this has been.
Thank you Lord for this opportunity.
I feel so blessed! :)

Hugs &Kisses

                                                           D A R A

Japan Diaries: Day 3

Lovelies here's the day 3 of my Japan trip...

Our morning that day was spent attending a ceremony which is the main reason why we went to Japan. But I will not share it to you na since hindi naman sya interesting, hahaha.. Just kidding, I just think it's not proper for me to blog that event. So my stories will be all about my lamyerda galore, I'll share my kwento again through pictures and captions.

After the ceremony, we ate lunch at Capricciosa, an Italian Resto.
we had some free time strolling around our hotel
Our hotel here in Nagasaki

Around 2PM that day we traveled again by bus going to Fukuoka

Nagasaki to Fukuoka was about 2 or 3 hours travel, I think, hindi ko masyadong na take note yung oras dahil sleeping beauty ako most of the time nung nag byahe kami, hehehe.. But I think roughly ganon, no traffic at all as in tuloy tuloy ang byahe so I guess malayo talaga, yung parang mala- MANILA-BAGUIO na siguro ang distance.

After we had checked-in to our hotel, we had some rest took a nap and ready ulit on the go for dinner..

My Japanese boss met up his College friend living in Fukuoka
I guess he felt awkward having all 4 girls around at isa lang syang guy kaya he invited a friend
Dinner Time :)
We ate mostly grilled foods this time
Pork and Chicken BBQ and the likes
See the many used sticks? paramihan ng makakain.. haha :))

after eating, of course, gala ulit kahit napaka lamig, keri lang, not complaining at all.
ang ginawwww!!!!!!!!!
Bright Lights @ Fukuoka
Our Japan trip will not be complete if we don't try their authentic ramen
that's why my boss and his friend brought us to this street wherein ramen are sold box-office
kung baga siguro dito sa pinas mas masarap mag dine here kasi parang street-food na din :)
but since box-office nga walang available seats for us
that's why we ended up eating ramen on a resto again..
perfect for the winter season, ang ginaw kasi talaga.
after ramen-adventure we went to a mall for a walk but its almost closing time
Arcade na lang ang open kaya we just stayed there
Isip Bata Mode :)
In fairness ang mahal ng token dito, JPY100 almost Php 50

My 3rd day adventure ended here, we went back to our hotel and called it a night.

Hugs &Kisses

                                                           D A R A

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Japan Diaries: Day 2

Hi guys, sorry about my long interval of days posting my Japan trip I was dead busy at work the whole week ever since I arrived. 

Anyhooo here's my second day stay at Japan, I'll share to you my experiences through pictures with captions...
after brekky at our hotel we headed to airport for our domestic flight going to Nagasaki
It was about 1 hour and 10 minutes plane ride from Osaka to Nagasaki
Touchdown Nagasaki Japan
View from our hotel room
after lunch we all have the free time in the world to stroll around
first pit stop:
Nagasaki Street Market
This Chocolate was named after me, CHOS!
My closest friends call me Dars :)
Next destination,
Glover Garden
turista kung turista ang peg ng mga susunod na pics.. hehehe :))
over looking Nagasaki Harbor
flower puff!!

then, it's time for dinner...
Savor authentic Japanese dishes
Hindi ko masyadong bet ang Japanese food, but I still enjoyed our dinner

The night is not yet over because after satisfying our taste buds we went to a mountain to witness a breathe taking view I wasn't able to take note of  the name of this tourist spot though but it is an overlooking sight of the whole Nagasaki
 it was freaking cold that night! 

This day was a loooong lamyerda day for us.
We went back to our hotel around 11pm na, so we are all sleepy and tired already.
But tired in a happy way.. :)

That's how my second day in Japan went through.
Will blog Day 3 next...

Hugs &Kisses

                                                           D A R A
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