Thursday, April 28, 2011

TAG POST: 10 Things I Love

I was tagged by Hercy to do the "10 Things I love" post. Thanks kitty for tagging, I really appreciate it. This is my very first tag post and I'm so excited to do this. :)

To start, let me just disclose the fact that I decided not to include person's in my life (family, bf, friends) here since it is already given that I love them. The list you will see here are purely "material" things I'm in love to. (Randomly Listed)

1. Laptop
This is a gift from my Boyfriend :)
I use this as I browse the Internet, doing my blog post, chat and watching movies online.
Oh there you go, my cute Nephews on my wallpaper, Enrico and Ehren :)

2. Cellular Phones
BlackBerry Storm 9530
Again, this is a gift from my Boyfriend."Pasalubong" from his last vessel onboard. This is just a 6-months old baby, i mean bb :)
Nokia N70
I am using two phones with different network, Smart & Globe, but I am more of a Smart subscriber.
As of today cellphones are considered a necessity already, I can't leave the house without them.

3. Ipod Touch
I love Music! (Breakeven by The Script currently playin')
I use this early in the morning, as I travel my way to work, while working & until I reached home. Aside from music in my playlist, my Ipod contains a lot of games too. My schedules and important reminders are stored here, I love how multi-functional this gadget is.

4. Coffee
My day is not complete without them.

5. Chocolates
I am a self-confessed Chocoholic.

Some kikay stuff I own :)

7. Bags
I don't own any designer bag or those fancy expensive bag but I'm happy & contented with what I have. Sometimes it's not in the brand, it's how you carry it! *wink wink*

8. Footwear
I'm more on sandals & flip flops.
I'm not comfortable wearing heels, since I love walking around. It's more convenient wearing a flat while doing a lot of strolling, right?

9. Dress
I was about to take picture of my closet but it's quiet messy right now, so I just grabbed a few, for pictorial purposes.
I wear whatever my moods dictate me :)

10. Calculator
If you are wondering why this thing is included in my list, wonder no more. I am an Accountant and this tool is my best friend, I use this everyday at work. This is not the actual calcu I'm using in the office but this is the caclu I used when I took the board exam and during my review days. So, this thing has a sentimental value to me that's why I think this is worthy to be included here.

I hope you guys enjoy my 10 things I love post.

I only have few followers as of the moment so I'll just tag you guys although I'm aware that some of you already did this.
Have a nice day ahead. God bless :)
Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A            

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway from MissCoryPotts!

Ms. Sabrina, the woman behind MissCoryPotts blogspot is giving away cool stuff since she reached 100 followers, well now it is more than 100 already.. yey!

And since I belong to that more than 100 followers, I decided to join. Who would not want to win these giveaways??
26-Piece Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
12- Piece Brush Set

I admit I don't have any luck in terms of raffle, but I still want to join. Go check MissCoryPotts blog for more detailed info about this awesome giveaway. Good luck to all the participants (including me).

*all photos are from MissCoryPotts blog*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday + Nanay's Advance Birthday Bash

Happy Easter everyone.

The long weekend is about to end today and tomorrow I'll be at work mode again. Aside from celebrating Easter, tomorrow is my Nanay's Birthday and since I have work and will be staying at Makati for the whole weekdays, we decided to celebrate it today. It's just a simple family lunch out at Gerry's Grill Tagaytay. I'll share to you guys how we pig out today. haha.. We love eating! :)

If you guys wanna know whether we managed to eat all of these, of course we don't. Hahaha.. Gluttony is a sin, right? :) I wonder how many pounds I've gained because of the holiday.

I supposed to include here our photos (me & my family) but I think this is a heavy picture post already. Next time, I will.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful & meaningful Holy week. Be blessed.

Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A                   

Friday, April 22, 2011

Coco Beach

Exactly one week ago, our annual Company Outing was held at Coco Beach, Puerto Galera. We are there from April 15-17. I will share this event through pictures with caption so that it'll not be boring.. hehe.. Therefore, expect a lot of photos in here.

I'll start with the beach, the main attraction of the event...
We stayed at Coco Beach Island Resort, click the link for more info about the resort, its facilities, how to get there, rates, everything you need to know is actually stated in their website.
I just love how this picture captured my Japanese boss fascination to the beach :)

Next is our accommodation. The place they offer to stay in is much more can be compared to houses usually seen in the province. I mean, made of woods and not concrete. I could say, very Filipino style and it gives a cozy ambience. Soothing & Relaxing.

FYI: The house are not air conditioned, only electric fans. According to our organizer, the resort offers only a few rooms that has aircon but of course that room was occupied by our big boss. But nonetheless, it was a very cool experience, at night our bed has "kulambo" so that we are protected by mosquito bites. In every houses, their are allotted family who will take care of you. If ever you need something, you just have to pull the string in order to cling the bell to get that family's attention and afterwards they will come and attend your needs right away. They can be compared as a room service/bell boys in a hotel. 
We stayed here (this photo was actually taken before going home)
Night view
there's "duyan" in every balcony of the house
Random activities:
SNORKELING (2nd day)
I belong to RED team
red team plus 1 yellow extra, hehe..
Our group ranked 2nd place, not bad..
 We won Php 6,000, yey! :)

That's it, our 2011 Company Outing. I'm so dark right now but I don't mind, really worth it! I hope you enjoyed reading & viewing photos from this post.

Have a blessed Holy week guys :)

Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A            

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crazy little thing called love ♥♥♥

I just finished watching this Thai Movie on youtube. This is really a feel-good movie. Soooo high school!!! Kaka-kilig much! hahaha :))

go watch the trailer:

Afterwards, go watch the movie.

I will guarantee a 100% satisfaction. Special thanks to JEZONHAMSTER for the link.

Let me know your score about this film :)

I miss my first love, Daniel...

Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A            

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chocolate Fire Experience

I'm a follower of Maxene Magalona on Twitter, one time she tweeted about this Chocolate Fire she'd went through. I got really curious about it, reading the name of the place itself made me drool about my chocolate addiction. So, what I did, I searched the place through google and got very excited when I saw that it is located in Makati, Yey! Lucky me, very near my work place & our house as well. But then, chances are not so generous to allow me to visit the place immediately, after almost a month, at last I got the chance to go and experience this resto.

My apology for poor quality of pic, I only use my camera phone (bb storm 9530) for this since I don't have my digicam with me earlier :( anyhow, this is it.. tada....

With me is my two officemate buddy. We all decided to order an Ice Cream & Chocolate. According to their menu the Ice Cream is a choice of any two flavours. Pick 2 among Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Mango. Plus a Belgian Chocolate Curls on top, milk or dark chocolate, it's also up to you :)
Mine is Chocolate & Mango plus Milk Belgian Chocolate curls (Php 180.00)
Chocolate Ganache Cake (Sorry I forgot the price)

I was very happy to finally experience dining in this place. There's still a lot of food for me to try so definitely this is not my first & last visit. Over-all the food we ordered satisfied my cravings and met up my expectations. If you are just near this place, drop by and try it for yourself.

Chocolate Fire, Makati

PDCP Building, cor. of Leviste St. and Rufino St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

You can also like them on FACEBOOK. There's a lot of photos their and information you might want to know.

Hope you had a great day today :)

       Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A     
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