Friday, October 21, 2011

Singapore Diaries: Day 1

My Parents and I went to Singapore last Sunday, October 16-18 for a 3d2n vacay. 

This was actually my treat for them. 
For being the most loving and responsible Parents I know, I think they really deserved this kind of reward.

I'll share to your our pictures during our first day in SG.
We strolled around Marina Bay Sands area and all over Merlion Park
Lakad lakad galore... pasyal pasyal lang
Its dinner time!!
Meet my friend, Ice.
She is working in Singapore for 4 years now, and she became our instant Tourist Guide slash Photographer for this trip.
Thanks so much dear for showing us around. :)
This is a compulsory shot.
Lahat yata ng pumunta ng Singapore may picture na eto ang background :)
We all got tired feet pero keri lang bongga naman ang mga view :)
I'm so happy seeing my parents happy. I know giving them this kind of treat is not enough compared to all the hardships they've gone through for me and my siblings. We are not rich but my Tatay worked hard day and night just to send us to school and to provide us our needs while my Nanay is in charged with the household. Bilib ako sa parents ko, and I will always thank the Lord for them. That's why in my own little way, I want to pamper them and let them relax since all of us our finished studying naman na. It's time na sarili naman nila ang isipin nila at hindi na kami. I tried my best to give them this vacation, nag-ipon ako ng bongga to make this trip possible, and thank God nagawa ko naman. I'm praying that this will not be the first and last time I will give my parents this kind of treat. :)

I'll blog our Day 2 and Day 3 next, stay tuned. :)
Hugs & Kisses
  D A R A       


  1. Wow treating your parents with Singapore vacation inspired me to do the same for my mom. Napakabait mong anak yon lang masasabi ko. Looking forward to more of your post of your Singapore Trip.

  2. Thanks Glenn, I'm happy to know that I was able to inspire someone. Let us all appreciate our parents for all their love and harworks :)

  3. I am so happy for you.. seeing happy family.. sweet parents!
    you're so lucky to have them and i know they're lucky too, for having such good daughter like you..
    i was totally moved away by this photos..
    I just wish my parents were still together, and be as happy as your family..

    Thanks for sharing this fun filled moments with us..
    loveyah.. stay sweet as ever. muah

  4. Thanks sweetie.. I'm so touched by your comment. Salamat talaga. xoxo :)


  5. How sweet and nice of you na pag ipunan talaga ang trip na yan para maipasyal ang parents mo. Naku ako i treat ko man ang parents ko ng ganyan e di papayag. Wala na sila hilig mag aalis at madali na raw kasi sila hingalin. Sana matuloy din kami ng Singapore next year!

  6. Hi anney, actually yan din ang fear ko nung una kasi nga madali na sila mapagod, kaya sa trip namen na'to maraming pa-upo upo at pahingang naganap, pero nag enjoy din naman sila. :)


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