Saturday, March 10, 2012

Japan Diaries: Day 4

My last installment blog post for this trip.

Basically, our 4th day was spent just walking around our hotel. We planned sana to buy mga pang pasalubong but we didn't found any appropriate store for it nearby our hotel. Sad. =((
That's why mostly our pasalubongs are chocolates bought at the airport na.

Anyhooo, here's some photos we took as we killed time and wait for our flight going back to manila
brekky @ Subway
and oh, the best thing in this travel, I experienced SNOW!! 
My first time ever! :) Happy me =D
This is only my fourth out of the country trip (Malaysia, China, Singapore, Japan)
but in every country I went to, I make it a point to visit Starbucks :)
during this pic, snow is starting to fall parang ambon pa lang
tuwang-tuwa na ko kasi God answered my request I am losing hope na since our 3 day stay wala talagang snow, but on our last day pinagbigyan pa din ako. yeeyyy!!!
Sayang kasi hindi na-captured on photo ang snow mahina pa kasi sya nung mga oras na'to :)
nung lumakas ang snow, just in time for our checked out..
hindi ko na-captured since bitbit ko na bagahe ko non.. hehehe..
but it made this trip much more memorable. 
 @ Fukuoka International Airport
Bye bye Japan, Hello Pinas! :)

Another wonderful trip this has been.
Thank you Lord for this opportunity.
I feel so blessed! :)

Hugs &Kisses

                                                           D A R A

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  1. Oh wow! And you got to see snow?? :) Lucky girl :)
    Wish I could go there someday :)

    Kisses! xxx


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