Sunday, May 6, 2012

our humble abode

This is just a quick post since I am so ecstatic to share this to all of you.

Last February, I got engaged with the man I dearly love, Daniel

But months before that we already purchased our house that we will soon turn into a HOME.

Me and Vien :)
(Our house model unit's name is Vivienne, so I call her Vien)
Top: Malaysia
Shorts: Landmark
Sandals: Forever21 
Necklace: Singapore/ Earrings: H&M/ Watch: Swatch

Our house is so lovely, isn't it? :)
I want to commend Daniel, for all his hard works and sacrifices for us to have a better future.

I can't wait to live here with my husband-to-be.
Thank you Lord for being so generous to us, for your unending blessings.
We will be forever grateful.


  1. congrats sis:) dreaming to own a house just like that!

  2. lovely house and even a lovelier home!

  3. @Queenie: Thanks sis :)

    @Liezyl: Thanks dear, I can't wait to turn it into a HOME sweet HOME :)

  4. awwww congrats!! Such a beautiful house! Can't wait to see pictures of your little tsikitings running inside your lovely home! Masyado ba advance? hehehe!

  5. Congrats in advance. I agree that's a lovely house.

  6. Congrats in advance.I agree with you the house is lovely.

  7. @anney: thanks anney dear.. Hmm masyado ngang advance, pwede wedding pictures na lang muna, hehe :))

    @Mhie: Thanks for your comment :)

  8. awww congrats! it's very lovely :D

  9. Vien is lovely! :)

    please join my birthday give-away!


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