Sunday, June 5, 2011


Howdy Ladies, how's your weekend been going?

About me, I'll share to you guys how my Saturday was spent.

Well, just recently, I posted here my China trip (SHANGHAI & BEIJING). It was a heavy post because I shared my experiences through pictures. I've gathered so many photos with me during that 5-day trip and I swear what I posted here was not even 1/4 of its total number. Since the trip was very legendary, of course I wanted to share and make kwento to my parents what had happened especially to my Nanay but suddenly one thing hit me. My parents was not so techie, computer literate to be exact. They don't have Facebook account, so there's no way for them to see my pictures. Unless I will navigate the laptop and show them the pics but we doesn't have the chance to do so. That's why this is the only solution to my problem,
We are living in a digital world right now, where everything is an instant. Taking photos is as easy as 1-2-3 and A-B-C, by mobile phone, digicam & dslr right in front of our reach, that sometimes we tend to disregard what we used to do before. So now, I'm going back to the basic. Don't you miss giving Photo Album to every visitors in your house as a way of entertaining them? Geezz.. this is such a realization to me.

sneak peak of my Photo Album:
I made this documentary to a point that I had search the Internet about those places I'd been through, copy-
paste and tada.. put it also in the album :)
pictures from the net compared to my pics.. Nice noh?! :)
The album provides a place for CD and for other memorabilia, a plus for me!

In my opinion, it is still better to print pics instead of storing it to your laptop/computer, social networking site or through USB. I realized that I miss those feeling when digital camera is not yet around, where as we are using 24 or 36 film shots, that upon reaching those number, we are hoping for another bonus shot and feeling a bit disappointed finding out that the film is starting to rewind. Hahaha.. Those were the days, old-school it may seem but I miss it, seriously. Any one here sharing the same sentiments with mine?

Oh well, at the end of the day, I'm happy that I've done this, and I will continue doing this. And, not to mention that my parents were so happy seeing this album. So, this was really a SUCCESS for me, yey!!

Hugs & Kisses,
       D A R A           

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