Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Award: not just One but Three!!

Hi there Lovelies!! These awards really made my day, thanks Ms. Glenn of Gencified for sharing this with me. I am very happy since this is my first time to receive an award, and it is not just one but three! I'm sooo touched, appreciate this very mucho! :)

My awards are.... (drum roll)...

 Stylish Blogger Award
 Butterfly Award
One Lovely Blog Award

The rules states that to accept the award, you have to post 7 facts about yourself and then pass it to other bloggers. Seven (7) for Stylish Blogger Award and The Butterfly Award and  Fifteen (15) for One Lovely Blog Award.

The Butterfly Award and One Lovely Blog Award requires to mention and link back the person who passed this to you.

Since I received these 3 awards in one time big time, I just combined them in one blog entry.

Lemme' start sharing 7 facts about me..

1. My Itouch is my BFF. Never a day passed by that I don't get to use it, either listening to my Playlist or enjoying my downloaded games or both at the same time.

2. My day will always start with a Coffee :)

3. I love taking pictures of myself, I dunno know if this is Narcissism already haha :)

4. I 'm a Chocoholic, hence my twitter username is @daraholics. (btw, please feel free to follow)

5. I am currently on How I met your Mother marathon, and I'm so hooked! I love Barney Stinson ♥

6. I have encountered people telling me that I look like a Koreana. I don't know why but according to them my eyes are somewhat "singkit". I think may anggulo lang minsan :) 

7. I wear prescripted glasses, my eyes have 200 grade to date.

It's my pleasure to share The Stylist Blogger Award, Butterfly Award and One Lovely Blog Award to the following bloggers:
In completion for One Lovely Blog Award:
There you go.
Thanks again Miss. Glenn for showing appreciation on my blog, I'm so overwhelmed. :) 
Hugs & Kisses,
                                                   D A R A


  1. Hi Dara you really deserved those Award:) I love taking pictures of myself too :) (and I always do that ha!ha!ha!)

    Glenn of Gencified

  2. Thanks again and again and again! Xo :)

  3. Gosh! thank you for the award sis!
    I also gave you an award...

  4. @fashioneggplant: thanks dear :)

    @Hollie: You deserved the award dear and thanks also for giving me another one.. Salamat :)


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