Saturday, February 25, 2012

Japan Diaries: Day 1

Based on my previous post I kept on saying that I had a scheduled travel on Valentine's day that's why Boyfie and I had to celebrate it in advance.

I went to Japan last February 14 to 17 because of  a business trip. Actually it was not really about work, but mostly pasyalan, uhmmm let's just say 5% work, 95% tour.. so lucky me. I know right? lol :) Since I stayed there for four days, this blog post will be four parts as well.

So here's my adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun ;)

With me is my 2 colleagues and my Japanese boss. We arrived at Osaka Japan around 8PM so our first day there was spent only by having dinner and then check in to our hotel, take a rest and sleep 'cause early the following day we had a domestic flight going to Nagasaki.

Kansai Airport
Janelle, Vyns, Me
freezzinngg... bbrrr!!!
My Japanese boss- upon check in to our hotel
With Jessica- she's my roommate on this trip
She is based on HK and like us, she also flew to Japan for this business trip

We had dinner at a Steak House near our hotel.. 

after dinner, we dropped by at 7-11, buy some stuff and went back to our hotel.
It's winter there, around 5deg. Celsius that night so it's kinda cold that we decided to stay inside our room and take some rest.  

That's how my first day in Japan ended.

To sum it up, the rest of my Valentine's day this year was spent on the plane and a dinner at Japan, bongga diba?! :)
Coming up next: My day 2 to 4 :)
Hugs &Kisses

                                                           D A R A


  1. wow, japan! i really wanted to visit japan because of its unique fashion.

    great post! and the food looks so so good, very appealing:)


  2. Wow naman at talagang 5% work, 95% tour! Swerte mo talaga! sarap namn ng dinner nyo!


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