Friday, February 10, 2012

mitch wears clothes give away winning

Hi Loves! 

Recently I won a give away from Mitch of mitchwearsclothes, it's a 1K worth of GC from Ensembles.

I am so happy when I received her DM on twitter informing me that I won. yeyyyy!!
I don't have luck on raffle but this give away is different, you just have to tweet her a joke and that's it you are qualified already. So of course I did tweet her and tada... I won! Bongga!!! From the moment I got the GC I used it agad agad.. as in agad agad! hahaha.. Ako na kasing excited! :)

So, I went to The Row Glorietta 5 wherein Emsembles, with its sister brands, Freeway and Solo are located. 
After checking the store, I came up choosing this animal print dress
Pictures are taken using my mobile phone,
thus the quality..
This dress is actually Freeway not Ensembles 
but the sales lady told me I can still use my GC on either Ensembles, Freeway or Solo item.
yeeyyyy!! :)

Once again, thanks so much Mitch! :)
Visit here blog here.

For those who are curious about my winning joke....
Here it is:
maybe this one's corny but remember,
it's worth 1,000 bucks! :)

TGIF sunshine! :)

Hugs &Kisses

                                                       D A R A


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