Friday, June 22, 2012

Anniversary Getaway ♥♥♥

I'm such a bad blogger I know, and being busy is a lame excuse but I really am,
believe me. haha.

No judgment please. :)

Anyways, it's just exactly a week ago (June 15-17) that I was able to have some time to relax and unwind from my demanding work. I flew all the way to Singapore just to see the love of my life, Daniel. For so you know, he is a seaman and that time their vessel was on dockyard that's why I came over. The trip was in time for our Anniv, though it was an advance celebration since our Anniversary was really June 18.
Stayed their for 3d2n, and we had a blast having this short vacay.

I'll just give you a short background of our relationship.

Daniel, is my puppy love/childhood sweetheart. He became my boyfriend since we were in 2nd year highschool, beat that! And this year we are celebrating our last anniv as bf-gf since we are getting married come November this year.

 * * * ♥♥♥ * * *
my instagram greeting (@daraasinas):
"Our physical features changed a lot, but not our LOVE. Happy Anniversary to us Honey!
I love you ♥"

So, the next thing you'll see are all our captured moments.
Just as the saying goes, "take picture or it didn't happen."

Marina Bay Sands as background
Esplanade Theatre
@ Makansutra Gluttons Bay
Honey, taking a shot of Merlion :)
If you went and visit Singapore, this kind of picture is a
MUST!!!!! :)
Chillin' @ The Stomping Ground
Honey, with his Tiger beer

The rest of the day was spent strolling at CityLink Mall
Saw this @ Rubi Shoes :)

Next are photos from
 Resorts World Sentosa

Dinner @ Ramen Play
Say hi to my friend, Ice and her baby (Ice Ice Baby) lol.
If you are my long-time reader, I already blogged about her from my first SG trip
(check my entry here: SingaporeDiaries)

Pasensya na if nagsasawa or magsasawa kayo sa pagmumukha namin ni Daniel,
pagbigyan nyo na moment namin to eh :))

and here's more......
We capped the night off with ice blended and mocha coffee at CBTL Sentosa
A little story about the cookies:
Me and Ice ordered for drinks only, but we joked the barista which happened to be a Pinoy
Me: "Kuya, wala bang free cookies?"
then he gave 2 pcs for us. yey!!!
I told Ice, if I only knew he would take it seriously, I would have asked for a cake, hahaha :))
But those cookies were enough, we are grateful.
Bait talaga ng mga pinoy! :)

Pink Monorail- our cute ride going out of Sentosa! :)
Sentosa at night as our background
This is just my 2nd time in Singapore,
but I kept on bragging to Ice that I already mastered the art of commuting
there via MRT hahaha =)) #angbabawkolang

ending this post with a pic of us wearing our souvenir shirt from
Universal Studio

This was an EPIC trip.
Thank you Lord for this opportunity, we owe everything to you.

Dara ♥


  1. wow tagal niyo na ng BF mo, congrats!

  2. mabuhay kayong dalawa...mula pa pala kayo 2nd highschool..

  3. You two look good together! Can't wait to see your wedding photos! Ang kyut kyut nung picture nyong 2 nung 1998! Mga nene at totoy pa kayo, hihihi! tagal nyo na din pala! Happy anniv!

    1. @anney: oh yes! super tgal na nene at totoy days pa. hehe :) thanks sa anniv greetings :)

  4. You're so lucky! I've never been to Singapore :(

    Join my EMO Jewelry giveaway here:

    1. thanks dear, singapore is a nice place worthy to pay a visit ;)

  5. sweet..I love the before and after pic of both of you! you really had a great time and it makes me want to go back to singapore becoz of HM...hehehe:)

  6. @sunnytoast: salamat :) I wanna go back na nga din eh, such a nice place :)

  7. Just dropping by.. hope you're having a great week!

  8. Awww, nakakatuwa naman kayong tignan. I can feel the love by looking at your sweet photos. :)


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