Monday, August 29, 2011

Cars 2

Hi Loves! How's your looonngg weekend going?

As for me, my morning was spent doing my homework, as in literal na WORK sa HOME. Since we don't have office today until tomorrow I have no choice but to bring some of my work at home or else matatabunan na ko sa dami ng work na nakaabang sa akin. Anyhooo enough of my ranting, my day ended well naman and I enjoy my afternoon din.

Around 2PM my family and I went to SM for two different agendas. My parents will do a little shopping while us (Me, Kuya Clint & My Nephew Mau) watched Cars 2, hence the title. We just accompanied Mau since he's really waiting for this movie for so long kaya go na din kami ni Kuya. In fairness nag enjoy din naman ako especially we watched on 3d so may added effect naman while watching. So, here's our pictures for today..
My Brother and his Son
(Kuya Clint and Mau)
Mau and Me
Panganay at Bunso

after the movie
The Mag Ama extended their bonding here
My Kuya's favorite shirt
My Kuya is such a fan

I love Family Days!! <3

I hope everyone's having a blast with this long weekend :)

Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A      


  1. Wow i love the beatles too!:) glad youre having a fun long weekend, tagal nadin ako hindi nakakanuod ng movie :p

  2. awww.. thanks Anagon for dropping by :) kisses! :D

  3. Buti nakapag picture kayo sa loob ng sine. Ginawa ko dati yan muntik na ma confiscate celfone ko. hehehe!

  4. Hi Anney.. photos are taken after ng movie.. Yung tipong naglalabasan na yung mga tao kasi hindi kami agad tumayo pinauna namin lumabas yung mga tao ang dami kasi nag picture muna kami :) (in fairness digicam pa gamit ko dyan) haha :DD

  5. hope i can watch na some movies.. it's been 2 years .. d pa ko ullit nakakapasok ng movie house because of my baby.. huhu

  6. i love cars!! and the hubby loves top 40 shirts :)

  7. my son loves Cars and Cars 2. unfortunately we have to watch it here in the house because the movie is dubbed in Korean here hehehe...

  8. I love Beatles 2! but I hate this entry! you make me miss my fam:(

  9. @Diane: siguro for the mean time dvd ka na lang muna watch ;)

    @Ava: Wow! Thanks dear for dropping by on my blog. I love Cars too :)

    @Wendy: its a good thing still that you'll be able to watch it.

    @SunnyToast: I miss you dear, thanks for dropping by :)

  10. My nephew also loves Cars too. Unfortunately he still can't be brought inside cinemas so we're waiting for this to be shown on cable. Hehehe! =)

  11. The Average Jane: I'm sure there's available DVD of Cars 2 already, pirated nga lang :)


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