Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just because it's my Birthday

Howdy Loves!

I'll share to you my recently owned stuff just in time for my Birthday
I am more fascinated with flats rather than those of high heels..
Mahilig kasi akong maglakad-lakad at mas convenient ang flats sa mga lakwatserang gaya ko :)
Butterfly Accent.. So gay!! :)
Did I just said I love flats? hihi Ü
Purple Espadrilles from Parisian
Moving on.. I also got this
"Strawberries and Champagne"
Super Sweet Scent.. hhhmmmm...

Also, Kit gave me these Miss Beauty Crack Nail Polish as a gift
Thanks Kit!! 
Kit by the way is the Girlfriend ng Brother ni Boyfriend
(gets nyo ba yung connection? basta, yun na yun)
Red- I'll try this first
I can't wait to try this 3 lovely colors on my nails. Watch out for my next NOTD.

Just random pics to end this
My Japanese Boss gave me this as a pasalubong from his business trip at Japan
Dars is one of my many nicknames (Dars, Darz, Darskie, Da, Dar)
Bored me! We're on our way to PRC to re-new my license. 
Picture muna dahil sobrang traffic...

Until now, I still got a lot of Birthday greetings.
I really feel so loved.  ♥♥♥

To my readers, thanks also for your warm birthday greetings!

Hugs & Kisses
   D A R A      


  1. @D.Sadie: Thanks dear :)

    @Hollie: Hi dear, thanks sa greeting ;)

  2. nice pick! I personally want to try the polish :) happy birthday, dear!

  3. Thanks Mar.. I'll post photos of my nails once I used it.

  4. Ako naman I like heels because I want/need the height. HAhaha

    Happy birthday again! Looking forward to see the swatches of the polishes that the girlfriend of your boyfriend's brother gave you. haha (tama ba yung sinabi ko)

  5. Hi Aya! I need height din, 5'2 lang akech pero mas pinipili ko pa din ang comfort.. nakaka-trauma ung tipong ang sakit ng paa ko sa heels after lakwatsa kaya flats na lang ang gngamit ko :) Pero I envy those girls na nama-manage mag heels khit na buong araw nakatayo or palakad lakad. Anyhooo.. I'll post pics of those nail polishm at tama ang sinabi mo, un n nga "te girlfriend of your boyfriend's brother" ang nag bgay nung polish. hehe :)

  6. nice picks :) love your grendha ♥ && belated happy birthday

  7. Type ko yung may butterfly accent na flats! Belated happy bday uli!

  8. @Nadine Natalin: thanks dear :)

    @Anney: Salamat ulit.. I love that paru-paru accent too :D

  9. aww better late than never..
    happy birthday hun!!!
    love those flats and polishes!! enjoy!


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