Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Jasmin's!

Pictures last Christmas when I visited Boyfie's family :)
For my new readers, you are probably not aware that Daniel (boyfie) is a Seaman.
He is on-board right now and didn't celebrate the Holiday here in Pinas but then
I still came over to their house and gave his family a visit. 
We immediately posted this on Facebook so that Daniel can see us.
Meet Kit, girlfriend ng brother ni boyfriend :)
Daniel's cousin who is working in Dubai spent Christmas here in Pinas
and gave us VS lotion as a pasalubong/gift.
Thanks Kuya Mong :)
Danica, boyfie's youngest sister

I had a Merry Christmas with Jasmin's Family, missing Daniel though.

I still have to tally entries from my giveaway, will announce the winner as soon as I'm done.

Happy a nice Wednesday Loves! :)
Hugs & Kisses

                                                            D A R A 


  1. How sweet of you at dinalaw mo family ng BF mo kahit wala sya dito.

  2. It's nice that you have really good ties with your bf's family.. :) Anyway, have a wonderful 2012!

  3. Merry Christmas!!! and advance Happy New year sissy!


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