Monday, May 30, 2011

Beijing (May 20-22)

So, here's the continuation of my previous post.

Let's talk about Beijing this time, through pictures again of course...
Outside Beijing airport
arrived at 2 PM
their toll gates are so cute :)

First pit stop:
Beijing National Stadium a.k.a Bird's Nest
This is the official site for the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics
sits next to the stadium is this,
The National Aquatic Centre or Water Cube
Ohh, I'm wearing our Conference Shirt
Unlike in Shanghai, our Conference here was scheduled at night, during our dinner actually. That's why most of our day time was spent strolling over Beijing.
stayed at Crowne Plaza Beijing
visited Jade Factory
Jade carving
different jade products

Next to this, the high light of our tour:
We travelled almost 2 hours more (including traffic) before reaching JuYongGuan
The Great Wall have 3 greatest passes namely JiaYuGuan Pass, ShanHaiGuan Pass and JuYongGuan Pass.
We went to JuYongGuan, the nearest pass to Beijing.
The Great Wall of China, right in front of my very eyes.. SUPERB!!
No doubt this is one of the seven wonders of the world ;)
souvenir shop
after lunch, we headed straight to The Forbidden City
Oh well, big smile ah! Wonder why I'm so giddy-o here? 
It's because I remember something the moment I saw this at the entrance

photo credit: google

I told myself, this looks familiar!!
This is a scene from the movie "Karate Kid" (Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith)
In the movie, Jayden and that girl (his love interest in the film) went to the Forbidden City and touched that golden-round thing for a Good luck. So, I also did! Gaya-gaya ako! haha.. I'm just so kilig seeing in real life those things I've only used to see in movies/tv before.
inside The Forbidden City
This was called Forbidden City because before only the Emperor, his Royal family, his army, Concubines, House-hold and the likes are the only person allowed to enter here. And once you are already inside, you can never ever leave that place, as if you are a prisoner for life.

and now, lets go to Tian'anmen Square

Tiananmen Square is the largest city square in the world, I remember I browsed the net before researching for the places we will go through, and saw that this place can accommodate 10,000,000 people at one time (I hope my memory served me right with those numbers, haha). Geezz, but this is indeed a very large place, trust me!
now, have a glimpse of Beijing's street foods
oh yeessss!! that's a starfish!
the red one at the right.. Scorpion. nyay!! and the other's I don't know! haha ;))
 I can't barely stand the smell in this place, I wanted to puke.. waahhh!!
this part, oh well, manageable.. Fruits & Jelly.
I didn't buy anything here, I only took pictures ;)

2 bus put together as 1. Astig!!
I found their telephone booth really funny, looks like a parlor's hair steamer.
I joke around as if I was talking with someone and told my friend Nieva, dapat pagtapos ko dito kulot na ko.. hahaha ;))
Wangfujing Shopping Street
During our last night at Beijing, we went outside for our last minute shopping.
Our hotel, just like in Shanghai, was strategically located near a shopping street, weeee :)
FYI: this is a Catholic Church Cathedral
There's a big Cross above the infrastructure but too bad it wasn't captured by the photo.
May 22 at around 12:55 PM we boarded at the plane going back to Manila.

The end. :)

That's how my China experience goes.
I'm so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.

Insert: I'm sorry if I didn't share anything about the food I savour during the trip. I forgot to take photos of them because I'm starving to death every meal time due to our hectic schedule, please bear with me. But nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading & viewing this post. ;)

Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A         


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