Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first Trial MU + Happy Mother's Day greetings!

Oh well, lately I'd been into Make Ups that I'm really eager to learn how to use it. I'd been reading blog reviews, tips & even watched tutorials so that I may be able to learn it the right way.

Earlier today, as most of you are going crazy about Pacquiao and Mosley fight, I'd been busy doing my own stuff. I practice putting MU and I decided to share with you guys the end result.

My apology for not having my "before" photo, I don't have plans of blogging this at first but I ended up doing so right after seeing my work. I somehow think it's not so bad, or am I just biased? haha.. Oooppsss, and also my eyebrows are not so prepared for this. But anyhow, I'll leave you with my photos...
need more practice.. i know.
Nichido Eye Shadow
Ever Bilena Dip Liner
Mascara (from my mom)

Ever Bilena 2-way cake at Golden Beige

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush- Honest (though not really visible in photos)

Ever Bilena Pro Longwear Lipstick- Cherish
Careline Lip Gloss- 04

I know that this thing cannot be done/learned over night or by watching 1 or 2 or 3 video tutorials. I know I have a lot of things to learn and to discover but I'm not rushing, I'm enjoying every part of learning I'm getting and loving the process I am going. As they say, slowly but surely. I'm very much welcome with your suggestion/comments/reactions which in a way can help me big time with this.

I want to end this post by greeting all the wonderful mom's rockin' the world. Truly a house is not a HOME without our mothers.

My facebook wall says:
The reason why I keep believing that Superheroes are for real.
Our family's SUPERWOMAN!
My Super Nanay! Happy Mother's Day! I thank God for choosing me to be your daughter. I could not ask for more...
and to all SuperMOM out there, I salute you! HAPPY MOM'S DAY! :)
me and my nanay during my oath taking :)

                                                  Hugs & Kisses,
                                                         D A R A


  1. Love the lip color you used!

  2. you're indeed right- practice makes're doing well ! nice :))

  3. @aya: thanks dear :)

    @geishcharles: I will keep on practicing. Thanks much :)

  4. You def did well! I've been using makeup since last year only and I still can't put eyeshadow evenly ><

    And oh, a belated happy mother's day to your mom! xx

  5. aww.. thanks hercy for your sweet comment, and belated happy mom's day to your mom as well :)

  6. keep practicing, we've all been there...hehe
    Just so you know it's not bad at all, you did good. I suggest you keep on watching Youtube beauty gurus I'm sure you'll learn tons of tips and tricks about how to apply makeup.

    Thanks for following my blog, I followed you back.

  7. Thanks so much Hollie for your encouraging words.. It means so much to me, I really appreciate it! :)

    and also, thanks for following back ^^

  8. actually you did great on your MU! :) and nice photo of you and your mom :)

  9. @hazel: thanks big time!!

    now I'm really overwhelmed with your sweet comments ladies.. thank you! :)

  10. the lilac pink eyeshadow is lovely ♥

  11. youtube videos are so much fun to watch and try! :) that's how i got my cat-eye-liner down :)check out my blog for more +vibes & happiness! XOx

  12. good job!!! your brows actually look good, di pa prepared yan ha :)) hehe. belated happy mom's day! gaah i missed my mom :(

  13. @Liz: thanks! I'm glad you like the color I picked :)

    @Carolina: I'll check your blog in a while. Thanks for taking time to drop a comment.

    @Joice: hi dear! hahaha.. Yup hindi pa sya prepared nyan :)) Belated Happy mom's day to ur mom also.

  14. Nice for your 1st MU post! I think you'll definitely get better after more practice sessions :) Keep it up and goodluck!

  15. @burning skies: thanks so much :)

  16. you're gorgeous dear! :) more MU post! :D


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