Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shanghai (May 18 to 20)

Hiyee Ladies.

I will share to you my China experience since this trip was so EPIC! I'll start with Shanghai, and then I will make a separate post about Beijing next to this.

For a quick overview, I'd been to China to attend a conference but I will not bore you with it so I will just share to you our tour (*wink), which is included in the conference package we had. Isn't it cool? Conference with inclusive tours :) So, forget about me wearing ID (the red lace in my neck), it is required for us to wear it all the time since we are travelling as a group.

Enough of  the long introduction, I will make kwento through pictures.
My lunch courtesy of Philippine Airlines
We departed May 18 2011 at 11:30 A.M., that's why we had our lunch at the plane.
arrived at Shanghai, around 2:55 P.M.
notice our ID? this is our group.
We have roughly 170+ participants, sorry I'm not so sure about our exact number.
From the airport, we headed right away to our first tour,
Oriental Pearl Tower
We went inside and go to its Sightseeing floor.
To go up, tourists ride the double-decker elevators that carrying up to fifty person at seven meters per second. Imagine how fast it is?
The view at 263m (863 ft)
photographic view of Shanghai
from there, we went down at 90m (295 ft).
There's this glass floor where you can take pictures capturing Shanghai on a top view.
This was really scary, I mean the HEIGHT! but glad I survived the experience!
Yeah, I know its not so obvious in the pictures that I'm scared but I am, seriously. I just have to smile for picture purposes, hahaha :)
Next destination,
Silk Museum
An in-house tour guide in the museum showed and explained to us how silk is being produced.
They also sell here their finished product, and as they claimed they offer it in a much cheaper price.
Then, we just go downstairs for our Dinner.
Meet Mr. Henry Tan-Chairman of the Conference, stating his welcome remarks.
Traditional Dragon dance.
She's my office mate and colleague. We represent our Company for the conference.
After dinner, we checked-in to our Hotel.
@ Majesty Plaza Hotel
Behind our hotel was the famous shopping street at Shanghai, The Nanjing Road.
"The Bund"
This place is like our "baywalk" here in Pinas, but of course this is way way far better.
Within this place, is a one stretch view of beautiful infrastructure and fancy buildings in Shanghai.  
Me, wearing Cheongsam during our gala night.

We had our Conference during day time and the only chance we have for us to explore Nanjing Road and The Bund was during night time only. We are scheduled to flew over Beijing last May 20, 2011 but before going to the airport we drop by at Chenghuang Temple Market to do some shopping.
majority of my pasalubongs are from here
love the exteriors of temples here

There you go, after invading this market we went straight to the airport for our flight going to Beijing. It is still a 2 and a half hour domestic plane travel. I'll blog about it next. Stay tuned :)  

I hope you enjoy reading this as well as viewing my pictures :)
Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A      


  1. I don't think anyone can make me sit on that glass floor thingie. Scares the heck out me, unless it's a matter of life & death. :D

    The PAL lunch doesn't look too appetizing. Hehe.

    Seems like someone had lotsa fun! You take care! :)

  2. Hi pammy, that glass floor thingie was really scary but also an unforgettable experience. Maybe you don't notice but in my blog title the background picture of mine is almost same as this, but that was taken at Kuala Lumpur Revolving Resto. hihi :))

  3. and also, you're right that lunch courtesy of PAL is not really delicious. I don't have photos of foods I've eaten in China since I was always dead hungry during eating time because of our hectic sched there. :)


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