Monday, May 23, 2011

What I got from China!

Hi there Ladies. It's nice to be back!

I miss blogging, I bring my notebook with me during my travel abroad but I cannot access this site there I dunno if it's blocked or whatever, same with Facebook & Twitter. But anyhow, I'm home sweet home and now I'll share to you guys what I bought, (mostly as pasalubongs) in China.
Souvenir Shirts
I bought everything in Shanghai except for the Pink one from which I got in Beijing. The print says "I Climbed the Great Wall of China". Yeah! I did!! :)
Assorted Souvenir items from Shanghai & Beijing
Chopsticks & Cute Figurines
These are for my dear office mates :)
aren't they cute? :)
and this one, for my BOSS! Ü
Geisha Doll.
For my Mom, she displayed this right away to our sala the moment I took this out  from my luggage :)
I bought this because when I was a kid my mom used to have this (really look like this one) and I broke it. I thought this is PAYBACK TIME, so I grab one and gave it to my Nanay. She's happy naman seeing this :)
Free Bag for every One Bag of M&M Chocolates

So now, let's move on to my personal stuff:
I will put the amount in Chinese Yuan (CNY) currency, and to give you an idea the exchange rate when I converted my money in the airport,1 US Dollar is equivalent to 6.40 Chinese Yuan.
Maybelline Lip Balm. CNY 26
My lips are chopped since it's somehow cold in China, around 14-18 degrees..
Cheongsam- A traditional Chinese Dress. CNY 120
We had one Gala night during my trip & we are required to wear a Traditional Chinese dress, I bought one in China since I have no time to buy here before I left.
Kipling Bag. CNY 65
Of course this is just an imitation yet the quality is nice. It really looks like original.
Paul Frank Shirt- CNY 35
Scarf. CNY 25
Dress. CNY 70 (my favorite purchase)
(photo credit:
I also got this set of Demitasse but I forgot to took a photo so I just borrowed from the net.
I also forgot the exact amount whether I got this by CNY 84 or CNY 88, but most likely around that price.
This is another favorite purchase since I also have a Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Demitasse which I got last year from my travel. :)

So there you go, sorry for this heavy photo post. I'm sure this purchases gave justice on how I enjoyed my 5-day stay there.

Thanks for reading. :)
Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A       


  1. Hi aya.. oh yes!! my favorite to death.. hihi :D

  2. welcome back! :) how was the maybelline lip balm? :D

  3. yeah.. I'm so so back! :) Maybelling lip balm really did saved me in China :D

  4. welcome back dear! :D those figurines are so cute! love your purchases! :D Hope you can post a review about Maybelline Lip Balm :)

  5. @Ann: thanks dear. Welcome back to you too from baguio ;)

    @joiceyTwenty: Thanks thanks :)

  6. cute stuffs u got there. :)))) and ohh,can i have chocolates?haha!!

  7. Aww you went to China I'm jealous! :P And the cream dress looks nice nga :D And the Kipling bag looks original o_O

  8. that dress suits you! want to visit China soon too. :)
    btw, following you now. please follow back. :)

  9. I want to visit China too.
    nice dress on you.
    let's follow each other?

  10. @Anne: thanks dear.. The chocolates are gone!! haha :))

    @Hercy: China is really a beautiful place to visit. I enjoyed the my trip so much including the shopping experience.. hihi..

    @Abi: Thanks dear, followed you back! :)

  11. waaah, I love your dresses >.< that's really my favorite type :D a chiffon one, I reckon?

  12. @Lina Kim: Thank you. Yes dear, it's a pleated chiffon dress :)


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