Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sophie's Mom Fever!!!

In continuation of my previous post, so here's my Sophie's Mom indulgence part 2! :)
Christmas Packaging
here's for a closer look on what's inside..

I bought 2 boxes of 6
One box for my parents, will give this as my pasalubong to them,
and shared the other box to my officemates and they loved it!!
Spreading Sophie's Mom fever here in our office :)

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I'm a self-confessed Sophie's Mom addict! Love love love ♥♥♥
Hugs & Kisses
                                                     D A R A


  1. wow you must be pretty addicted :) by the way im having my first blog giveaway and it would be nice if you join

  2. hahaha.. yes I am! :)

    I would love to join your giveaway ;)

  3. Naku nakakapaglaway namn yang mga cupcakes na yan! Pag nagawi kami ng makati e punta kami dyan para ma try.

  4. @Anney: Yes dear, they also have other goodies aside from Cupcakes, go try them.. You'll never be disappointed :)

    @Aria: I agree.. Very tempting.. :)

  5. Yummy and tempting! :)

    btw, please join my blog giveaway :)

  6. Agree, 100% :)

    Just joined your giveaway! :)


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