Sunday, November 27, 2011

Soul Sister

Today is my BFF's birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday Add.. 
I love you Teh, alam mo yan! :)
Me & Add

Our friendship started during our first year in College, and since then hindi na kami napag-hiwalay.

We celebrated her birthday in advance last Friday but I will make a separate post about it.

For now I'll just leave you with this cheesy photo of us. hehe :)
Hugs & Kisses
                                                     D A R A


  1. happy birthday to your bff! God bless you both!

  2. Happy Birthday sa BFF mo, ang sweet niyo naman:)

  3. @princessmicah: Thanks for your greetings :)

    @glenn: Thanks dear, ou super close kami kasi one of our friend told us before na baka daw kambal kami nung past life namen :)


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