Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sucker Punch

After work, my Boyfriend and I wanted to unwind so we thought of why not watch a movie. And that's just exactly what happened. But before the film, we had dinner at KFC. I thought I'll be going to get my second round of halo-halo krusher just like what I mentioned in my previous post, but failed. Since it's almost closing time, they are not offering it anymore.. boooo!! Next time, next time! I only had few photos since we are in a hurry, few minutes left and the movie will start, it's LFS that's why we don't have any choice but to finish our food in a fast-forward motion.

Honey loves rice! hehe :)

My all time fave- ChickenSpag

Snack Box while watching...

After eating, we're just right in time before it start :)

Over-all, I enjoyed the movie. I so love the girls in here, all 5 of them :)

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