Friday, April 1, 2011

a chickalicious experience

Last night, I had dinner at Chickalicious SM Molino with my favorite (his name is Daniel by the way) and Danica (Daniel’s youngest sibling)

We all ordered Grilled Chicken but I opted the Honey BBQ sauce, while Daniel & Danica decided to try Sweet Chili sauce. Plus a leche flan and a mango float for us girls but since Daniel doesn’t have a sweet tooth,  he got zero dessert.

Sad part of the story, my favorite quite regret dining in here. Taste and service wise, he swore to death that he’ll never come back. awww!! But as for me, my order didn’t taste that bad. Maybe they just failed to met Daniel’s standard. If I’ll eat here again, I’ll surely take note not to choose sweet chili sauce, hehe :)

But nevertheless, we enjoyed having dinner together. I believe that your time will always be well-spent if you’re with the one you love :)

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