Friday, April 8, 2011

civilian :)

I was sorting out my files in my desktop when I saw these pictures. Lemme share this to you since I found my skirt in here really cute, I hope you too! :)

FYI: Monday to Thursday we are bound to wear our office uniform, but every last working day of the week, we are allowed to be ragged/casual.

Last pic for this post,

Me plus Len, my closest officemate buddy :)


  1. oh hello i've just read your message in my chatbox :)) anyway! i love the floral skirt! so girly!

  2. thanks for following me here & for dropping by a comment.. :) I'm a newbie here, please bear with me.. hehe :DD

  3. i love the skirt OMG!!! where did you get it? I'm looking for full skirts like that... by the way, followed you! :-)

  4. Hi Joice! I bought that skirt in Robinsons place Manila bazaar sometime lat year, december I guess :)


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