Thursday, April 28, 2011

TAG POST: 10 Things I Love

I was tagged by Hercy to do the "10 Things I love" post. Thanks kitty for tagging, I really appreciate it. This is my very first tag post and I'm so excited to do this. :)

To start, let me just disclose the fact that I decided not to include person's in my life (family, bf, friends) here since it is already given that I love them. The list you will see here are purely "material" things I'm in love to. (Randomly Listed)

1. Laptop
This is a gift from my Boyfriend :)
I use this as I browse the Internet, doing my blog post, chat and watching movies online.
Oh there you go, my cute Nephews on my wallpaper, Enrico and Ehren :)

2. Cellular Phones
BlackBerry Storm 9530
Again, this is a gift from my Boyfriend."Pasalubong" from his last vessel onboard. This is just a 6-months old baby, i mean bb :)
Nokia N70
I am using two phones with different network, Smart & Globe, but I am more of a Smart subscriber.
As of today cellphones are considered a necessity already, I can't leave the house without them.

3. Ipod Touch
I love Music! (Breakeven by The Script currently playin')
I use this early in the morning, as I travel my way to work, while working & until I reached home. Aside from music in my playlist, my Ipod contains a lot of games too. My schedules and important reminders are stored here, I love how multi-functional this gadget is.

4. Coffee
My day is not complete without them.

5. Chocolates
I am a self-confessed Chocoholic.

Some kikay stuff I own :)

7. Bags
I don't own any designer bag or those fancy expensive bag but I'm happy & contented with what I have. Sometimes it's not in the brand, it's how you carry it! *wink wink*

8. Footwear
I'm more on sandals & flip flops.
I'm not comfortable wearing heels, since I love walking around. It's more convenient wearing a flat while doing a lot of strolling, right?

9. Dress
I was about to take picture of my closet but it's quiet messy right now, so I just grabbed a few, for pictorial purposes.
I wear whatever my moods dictate me :)

10. Calculator
If you are wondering why this thing is included in my list, wonder no more. I am an Accountant and this tool is my best friend, I use this everyday at work. This is not the actual calcu I'm using in the office but this is the caclu I used when I took the board exam and during my review days. So, this thing has a sentimental value to me that's why I think this is worthy to be included here.

I hope you guys enjoy my 10 things I love post.

I only have few followers as of the moment so I'll just tag you guys although I'm aware that some of you already did this.
Have a nice day ahead. God bless :)
Hugs & Kisses,
D A R A            


  1. Great post! My day's not complete without coffee too :)

  2. @burningskies: thank you, glad u like my post :)

  3. Aw thanks for doing this! ^^ Wow, those gadgets were gifts from your boyfriend? I think I need to have a bf too now! LOL I love my calculator too! It's such a great help!

  4. Hi Kitty, thanks again for tagging me.
    about the gadgets, oh yes!! I know I'm lucky to have a loving & generous bf. :)

  5. Oh wow, I saw this just now. Thank you for tagging me, dear! Will do this soon! :)


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