Sunday, April 10, 2011

i love summer!!!

This is an overdue post, since this event happended one week ago. Well then, as a popular cliche goes, it's better late than never.

Last saturday (April 2, 2011), me, the bf together with his whole family went our way to Laiya Batangas to experience its beautiful white sand and be baked under the heat of the sun. We only had day tour and we choose to stay at Kabayan Beach Resort. We arrived there around 10:00 A.M. and we all feel excited upon seeing the beach. I'll stop typing now & let the pictures do the talking on my behalf since I could not actually find the right words to explain how we really enjoy this trip.

This is me wearing Red & Black Tankini from Coco Cabaña
With purple dress cover up along the shore :)

PRE-NUP?? naahhh.. I guess the camera loved us, hihi <3

Now, here's our group pic before going home...

I guess we have roughly 500+ pics taken the whole day but of course I cannot put them all here. I just hope those pictures I've posted are enough to give justice on how AWESOME this day was. I wish chances will allow us to do this every year (cross-fingers) :)


  1. i love kabayan.. i actually live an hour (or less) away from there :-)

  2. lucky you! this is really a nice place :)

  3. kabayan beach resort, it's indeed a nice place to have summer fun! we've been there before.
    thanks for visiting my blog.followed u back btw! <3

  4. True! I hope we can go back there next year :)
    Thanks also for following my blog, appreciate much!


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